Prof. Dr. Alpay Turan Sezgin, MD, graduated Erciyes University in Turkey and later specialized in Cardiology at Inonu University. Currently he is serving as a professor in the Cardiology Department at Acibadem University in Adana, Turkey. Additionally he serves as the Chief of Adana Cardiology Department. Prof. Dr. Sezgin has worked as an interventional cardiologist since 2000. Primary PTCA, acute ischemic stroke, percutaneous mitral balloon valvuloplasty, and TAVI are his main areas of expertise. Prof. Dr. Sezgin has been performing coronary angiography by radial access since 2002. He is certified and has had training for TAVI in Switzerland in 201, and since then he has performed and participated 24 TAVI cases. Additionally, he has performed intra-arterial therapy in patients with acute ischemic stroke since 2010.